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Ebenezer Joseph​

Ebenezer Joseph, India’s first FIDE trainer and Candidate Master of World Chess Federation, Trained 150 Chess Trainers & 7,000 Children. Submitted Doctoral thesis on Impact of Chess on Cognitive Development.

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The Emmanuel chess centre (ECC) was established at the RCC Exhibition Hall in 1996, with the aim of training youngsters interested in the game. I wanted to start a place that would provide an atmosphere…  children to come and play the game, says chief consultant Ebenezer Joseph, who had the privilege to play during childhood at the Tal chess club way back in 1972. Now a FIDE recognised trainer, Ebenezer hopes to continue the tradition and propagate the sports

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The quiet precinct of Chennai’s Russian Centre for Science and Culture (popularly known as the Russian Cultural Centre) becomes a beehive of activity every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Young kids indulge in a sport that has been synonymous with the centre – Chess. The Russian Cultural Centre’s rich legacy of playing host to some of India’s greatest players has been continued at the Emmanuel Chess Centre, founded in 1996.

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Ebenezer Joseph at Newman International Academy

Ebenezer Joseph finds that chess makes children more creative and intelligent

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